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Styling, styling…

I have been styling from an early age. I loved the moment when a new hairstyle was coming out of my hands. I have slightly modified and refined each of them to such an extent that in my opinion, it was perfect. Initially, I treated it only as a hobby. I did not know a profession like a wedding hairstylist, so I started working as a standard hairdresser.

But it wasn’t mine. Years passed, and I was more and more sure that I did not want to do this. But I loved to style and create artistic hairstyles. I was looking for trainings and knowledge in this topic. I wanted to develop! Unfortunately, I didn’t find it. I did everything by trial and error, having the final result of my work in mind.

I know what it’s like to be in this place. I know how difficult it is to combine everyday work with learning from my mistakes. That’s why I would like you to have an easier start and be able to create extraordinary wedding hairstyles faster than I do, which will provide you with a calendar full of clients.

What is the Academy?

Online Academy is a place where I will teach you the art of creating feminine and elegant wedding hairstyles from scratch. I will guide you through every part of the process of styling the hair.

You will learn what products, equipment, and accessories are necessary at work

You will learn how to prepare your hair for styling to get the effect you want

I will show you what technique to use and how to arrange your hands and fingers so that each hair is in its place

You will acquire knowledge thanks to which each of your hairstyles will have the right proportions

You will acquire knowledge thanks to which each of your hairstyles will have the right proportions


By completing the training, you will have the knowledge and skills to independently create dazzling, artistic wedding hairstyles that are truly breathtaking.

Who is the Academy for

If you are…

  • hairdressing or makeup enthusiast who wants to start their adventure with artistic styling of wedding hairstyles,
  • a beginner hairdresser or hairstylist who would like to expand her skills with unique hairstyles and gain satisfied customers,
  • an intermediate or advanced hairdresser who is looking for new challenges and inspiration in the profession

then the Online Academy is definitely for you!

What will you gain by joining the Academy

By joining the Online Academy you will:

  •  learn to create fancy hairstyles that will delight your clients and make your calendar fill up quickly for many months ahead,

  • break your work routine and you will fall in love with hairstyling again,

  • gain skills that will distinguish you from hairdressers on the market, and you will gain a multitude of satisfied customers,

  • save time and discover the secrets of creating artistic updos that are distinguished by remarkable cleanliness and proportions.


“Wonderful training! Great explained ❤ “

@pozytywniezakręconamarcelina Marcelina Dul

“Great training, a large dose of knowledge 💪I recommend it!”

@wyczesane_by_anna Anna Ostrowska

“I’ve been waiting for this platform for a long time, I finally got it! I love and want more❤❤ “


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@monikastach_hairandmakeup Moniak Stach

“One of the best hair stylists in Poland and abroad 🙂 A master in her profession 🧡🧡🧡”


“Edyta translates great! Simply and understandably. She shows what work should look like “

@aga_karus  Agnieszka Karusewicz

“Thank you for the on-line lessons, great tips and professionalism”