Hairstyle Barcelona

Hairstyle Barcelona


The Barcelona updo is already a legend among wedding hairstyles! This low and loose updo fits both rustic and romantic as well as elegant style!

After training:

  • you will create extraordinary volumetric curls thanks to my hair curling method, which I will show you step by step,
  • you will learn how to create volume even on thin and short hair,
  • you will keep the right proportions of the hairstyle in relation to the face, thanks to the correct fastening of the hair at the front,
  • you will keep your hairstyle clean and long lasting thanks to thoughtful work with hair styling cosmetics.

What will you gain from this training?

  • You will learn new techniques that you will use in other styles of wedding and occasional hairstyles, e.g. creating volumetric curls, properly connecting the hair at the front, giving amazing volume to thin and short hair.
  • You will gain new clients who will be delighted with your workshop, professionalism and ideas for elegant and fancy hairstyles.
  • You will stand out among other stylists with your precision and non-standard offer of hairstyles, which is desired by brides.
  • You will gain inspiration and motivation to create your own original hairstyles and spread your wings as a stylist of wedding and occasional hairstyles.
  • You will receive a ready list of professional hair styling cosmetics and tools that I used in this Barcelona course.

This training is for you if you are…

  • a person who feels that hairstyling is what you want to do in life, but you have no experience in styling wedding hairstyles,
  • a beginner who is just taking her steps in the world of styling wedding and occasional hairstyles, and you would like to stand out from other stylists and gain a group of loyal clients,
  • an experienced person who is looking for new challenges and inspirations in the profession of a hair stylist and wants to expand her skills in the art of hair styling and pinning.

Read the opinions of my students:

  • – “Dope training! Perfectly explained ❤”
  • @aga_karus Agnieszka Karusewicz – “Thank you for the online lessons, great tips and professionalism ❤”
  • @monikastach_hairandmakeup Moniak Stach – “One of the best hair stylists in the country and abroad 🙂 Master in her profession 🧡🧡🧡”

How does access to training look like?

  • Access to the film is granted for 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • The video is in FullHD quality (1920×1080, 50 fps).
  • Length: 1h 36m 17s.
  • A list of the hair styling products and equipment used is added to the video.

Jak uruchomić kurs?

Po zakupie otrzymasz 2 maile: w pierwszym informację o utworzeniu konta w naszym sklepie, w drugim informację o zrealizowanym zamówieniu.

Zaloguj się na swoje konto i wejdź do zakładki “Memberships”, tam będzie dostępny zakupiony kurs.