[Pack] VIP – 8 videos

[Pack] VIP – 8 videos


You are in the place where I will teach you the art of creating unusual, elegant, and artistic wedding hairstyles from scratch. By purchasing the VIP Package you will gain access to 8 training videos! I will guide you through theoretical basics, up to advanced artistic styling techniques.

The VIP package includes 8 training videos:

  1. Introduction to styling – products, equipment, and hair preparation for styling
  2. Verona hairstyle – a delicate updo on semi-long hair
  3. Paris hairstyle – upstyle with the original motif of braids on the strands
  4. Vienna Half-up – a low half-up hairstyle with leaf elements
  5. Florence hairstyle – high bun with a delicate fine texture
  6. Tricity braids – a set of 3 unique hairstyles based on braids, also containing decorative elements made of waves and a voluminous pony of big curls
  7. Sofia hairstyle – a half-up hairstyle on medium hair based on big curls.
  8. Barcelona hairstyle – the most popular wedding hairstyle made of leaves elements

After training:

  • you will find out what hairstyling cosmetics I use,
  • you will get to know the professional equipment and accessories necessary in the work of a hair stylist,
  • you will learn what to do to make the most unruly, frizzy or too sleek hair want to work together, and hairstyles to be smooth and clean,
  • you will create a base for low and high hairstyles, which you will use in other hairstyles,
  • you will make a phenomenal volumetric updo from shoulder-length hair,
  • you will come out with knowledge about the technique of creating an effective twist (I break it down into prime factors!),
  • you will learn how to work with thin textures and how to pull out strands of hair so that they are clean, durable and their edges sharp,
  • you will create a unique motif of braids on the strands with which your clients will fall in love,
  • you will create a beautiful base of a hairstyle without parting, with hair combed up,
  • you will learn the leaf technique, one of the most important elements of romantic and volume hairstyles, from which you can create dazzling artistic details,
  • you will create large, voluminous curls thanks to my hair curling method,
  • you will learn a simple way to make a subtle bun,
  • you will create 3 separate hairstyles with braids of different difficulty levels (in the video I’ll show you how to do each of them with a detailed step-by-step process!).

What will you gain from this training?

  • Above-average skills that you will use for other hairstyles, such as the base for high and low hairstyle, easy way to make a bun, original motif of braids on strands.
  • You will gain inspiration and motivation to create your own original hairstyles and spread your wings as a wedding and occasional hair stylist.
  • You will attract clients looking for original wedding and occasional hairstyles that will make them feel like a million dollars.
  • You will stand out with your workshop among the offers of other wedding hairstylists, thanks to the original pin-ups desired by many women.
  • A ready list of professional hairstyling cosmetics and tools that I used in these training courses in styling wedding and occasional hairstyles.

These trainings are for you if you are …

  • a person who feels that hairstyling is what you want to do in your life, but you have no experience in styling wedding hairstyles,
  • a beginner who is just taking his steps in the world of wedding and occasional hairstyles, and you would like to stand out from other stylists and gain a group of loyal customers,
  • an experienced person who is looking for new challenges and inspiration in the profession of a hair stylist, and wants to expand skills in the art of hairstyling.

Read the opinions of my students:

  • @weronikagoliszewska – “Edyta explains great! Simple and understandable. It shows what work should look like “
  • @wyczesane_by_anna Anna Ostrowska – “I’ve been waiting for this platform for X time, finally, I lived to see it. I love and want more ❤❤ “
  • @monikastach_hairandmakeup Moniak Stach – “One of the best hair stylists in Poland and abroad 🙂 A master in her profession 🧡🧡🧡”
  • @ posniezakręconamarcelina Marcelina Dul – “Great training, a large dose of knowledge 💪 I recommend it!”

What is access to training like?

  • Access to films is granted for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • The videos are in FullHD quality (1920 × 1080, 50 fps).

Jak uruchomić kurs?

Po zakupie otrzymasz 2 maile: w pierwszym informację o utworzeniu konta w naszym sklepie, w drugim informację o zrealizowanym zamówieniu.

Zaloguj się na swoje konto i wejdź do zakładki “Memberships”, tam będzie dostępny zakupiony kurs.